Forged Authority was created in 2014 with a simple goal of providing a better product for truck beds that appealed to every type of truck owner.

The founder of Forged Authority, Wesley C. Poole, knew what it was like to use his truck for carrying tools, hauling dirtbike/ATVs, loading lumber, tailgating, moving furniture and every other task a truck owner prides themselves on. 

FA's new Modular Frame Rail with Track Attach technology allows truck owners to reclaim their truck's capability by having the agility to adapt to the task at hand.

Here at Forged Authority, we are forging the new path of how to use a truck, we invite you to join us.


Ford-Trucks Forum Write Up!

Ford-Trucks Forum Write Up!
At Forged Authority we are Forging The New Path in new ways to use your truck. On our path to spreading the word, we are always looking for new way...