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SEMA LaunchPad 2019 Forged Authority is 1 of 15 competitors in the SEMA Launchpad 2019 competition for new businesses. Speechless... a surreal feeling to be in such a competition with other great entrepreneurs. Every year since 2013, SEMA YEN (Young Entrepreneurs Network) and SEMA Education has hosted this event to cater to the next generation of young guns and industry leading products. It is a competition that allows the product creators to present their biography and the story of their product, and compete for a $10,000 Grand Prize. Although the money is beneficial, there are huge amounts of prizes and...

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Ford Trucks Forum Write Up At Forged Authority we are Forging The New Path in new ways to use your truck. On our path to spreading the word, we are always looking for new ways to communicate with our users.  We recently began a campaign on the Nation's largest Ford Truck Forum ( to talk to truck owners and pick their brains. is an impressive forum site with every need to know answer about your ford trucks and SUV's. Not only is this forum vast in information, but vast in members! There are millions of viewers every month and...

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