MFR 2.0 Launch

What is the MFR and why 2.0?

The MFR (modular frame rail) is our patent pending product that installs on the front header of a pickup truck bed, and allows our accessories to be attached to it within seconds by the insert of 1 pin. Our MFR mounting system takes up less than 2" of your overall bed length, so if you need the space of your truck bed, your accessories can unattach quickly, and you can get to work.

The MFR 2.0 was designed to simply take things to the next level. The MFR 1.0 served its purpose just fine, but with our passion to provide an excellent product, we re-designed the MFR 1.0 into the 2.0 to offer more strength and versatility to our customers.

The added features of the MFR 2.0 are below.

- Made with 1/4" thick steel horizontals

- Female tracks bolt on

- Female track color options

- Movable female track location

- Movable tie down hook location

- Smaller packaging

- Better price to the end user

These primary bullet points wrap a pretty successful redesign. What's not to love? More options, more strength, and a better price. Take advantage of your truck bed. Use it for more. Do more. Faster. Easier.MFR 2.0