Forged Authority's MFR - truck bed mounting system

Forged Authority's MFR - truck bed mounting system

The Truck Bed Revolution 

At Forged Authority we developed our modular frame rail (MFR) to solve many issues with 1 solution. The majority of truck owners are jack of all trades, people who are ready for any situation, people who are helpful and like to have fun and look good while doing it. There is so much you can use your truck for, especially the truck bed, so we created a system to do so, that is unlike anything offered today.

So let's look at the issues with truck beds and the current accessories offered.

- A crossover toolbox is large, hard to move, takes up too much bed space, and looks, well, old.

- There are not many tie down points in a truck bed.

- It is hard to strap down dirt bikes and how do I use a wheel chock in the bed?

- There aren't many places to sit comfortably while parked.

- Your fishing poles might roll around or get crushed by your cooler.

- Kayaks are big, and the roof mounting rack looks silly, how do I transport them?!

- Anything in my bed can potentially be stolen too easily.

The list goes on of issues in the bed of a truck. Our mounting system provides a solution that is so convenient, we guarantee you will like it.

We have created a mounting system that takes up little room, and also attaches our different accessories to serve different purposes, tasks and events. All while looking good and matching a tough, custom appearance.

Attachment accessories include the following, and we are constantly designing new accessories.

- Toolboxes that are easily moved and loaded and custom colors to match your truck!

- Wheel chocks that serve a strong and helpful purpose and can be color matched to your favorite toy!

- Tie down hook locations on the header of your bed with a stronger pull strength than stock.

- Tailgating chairs for relaxing and enjoyment, fabric colors can be matched to your favorite team!

- Fishing rod holders to pack effectively and protect those rod n reels.

Stay tuned to FA as we announce more accessories in the near future.

Check out our products today!


Wesley C. Poole



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